Representation Matters

May 2, 2024

Dear Reader,

When we saw that Wikipedia's Stay-at-Home Mother page redirected to "Housewife" we decided to take action. Though homemaking skills should never be denigrated, at-home mothers must not be misidentified as housewives. Representation matters.

As our 40th Anniversary project, we are setting the record straight!

Willow Duttge Tepper, Member of our Board of Directors, led the volunteer team of writers and editors. We drew on FAHN's 40 years of knowledge and experience to create our article, complete with 40 citations.

You are invited to read the new article on our website now. We plan to put it on Wikipedia on May 7. Once it's up, we look forward to seeing what other organizations around the world will add.

Our press release is also on our website, and copied below. Please feel free to share the links or forward this newsletter. And if you can share our social media posts, that would be a great help!

We'd love to hear from you by email or join the conversations in our online community: Family and Home Community.

all the best,

Cathy Myers

p.s. We work without pay on behalf of unpaid caregivers—and we ask individual donors to help us meet our very modest expenses.

Please help us out by giving if you can!

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